Welcome to April Sky Crafts

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april sky crafts comprises two engravers and other craft workers, working at our base at The Little Craft Workshop in the Valley, County Kerry, Ireland. Read more about us

Visitors are most welcome, however, please ring to book a visit at a time of your convenience, go to contact page for number.

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Our engraving

Our engraving is done using small hand-held drills with diamond tips or grinding stones. We engrave on a wide variety of glassware including vases and bowls, wine glasses and whiskey tumblers, decanters. Candle-holders and lamps, stemware and sheets of toughened glass for table-tops and partitions in the home.

We engrave to order for Weddings, Retirements, Anniversaries and Sports. We can provide decanter sets and presentation boxes. Our subjects can be of your choice ... Pets, Houses, Scenery etc.

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Our cards and knitwear

We make cards, many with stunning photographs of the Kerry area, others with tiny knitted jumpers and funny messages.

We also make eggcosy 'men' and beanies, pyrography, jewellery and wonderful smelling Bath Fizzies.

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