Our engraving

Rosalind and Kevin, our two engravers, have acquired enormous experience since their early days learning the trade in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, at the same time absorbing the shapes and forms of the natural environment and transferring them to the glass.

Above is a framed picture of a bird of prey in flight.

The engraving is done using small hand-held drills with diamond tips or grinding stones. Engravings can be produced on a wide variety of glassware including Vases, Bowls, Candle-holders. Lamps, Stemware and Whiskey Glasses. Engravings of many sizes are also created on sheets of hardened glass for table-tops and partitions in the home.

We engrave to order for Weddings, Retirements, Anniversaries and Sports. Our subjects can be of your choice ... Pets, Houses, Scenery etc.

Above an example of lettering on a vase. The names are the places a couple had visited on their honeymoon.

We give beginners classes for those who want to try their hand. For those who already have liking and want to do more, we have workshops on applying different techniques.

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